Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Definitions 2018.12.18.2
Update SQLite
Fix updater behavior
Fix UI typos
Fix translations
Update generic definitions
New Features
Submit False Positives directly from the result scan contextual menu.
Update Qt to 5.9.7
Definitions 2018.11.14.1
Fix Crash during Firefox scan
Do not display the update prompt on top of the EULA
Make quarantine more reliable
Update generic detections
New Features
Automatic updater: it's no longer needed to manually download a new version of AdwCleaner.

Logs and Quarantine tables are now sorted by date, and not by text.

Fix a crash when the basic repairs are run without prior detections
New generic detections
Fix detection of vaccines
Fix the upgrade process for build increments
Update translations
Definitions 2018.09.21.1
v7.2.3.1 [03/09/2018]
Do not detect vaccines anymore.
Do not offer MB3 if it's already installed.
New Features:

The left sidebar is not disabled anymore during critical processes.
Improved Windows 7+ integration: the progress is now displayed in the taskbar with a specific color dep ending on the number of elements detected.
Improved remediation capabilities.
Prepare major database optimization in upcoming versions (size reduction, detection improvement, ...).


Update Malwarebytes moto: "Imagine a world without malware. We do.".
Display the database status in the logfile header: "Cloud" / "Local".


Do not detect vaccines anymore.
Update Generic detections
Definitions 2018.08.30.1
New Features
Ability to add an element or a family to exclusions directly from the scan results contextual menu
Ability to open the Malwarebytes Threat center directly from the scan results contextual menu

The UI is now available in en_UK in addition to en_US.
Support for Traditional Chinese in addition to Chinese Simplified
Improve URLs detection
Update HSTS policy expiration

Improve the removal of all AdwCleaner files when uninstalling
Update Generic detections
Fix DriverPack detection
Improve Startup detection module
Fix Crash when closing processes [7.2.1 hotfix]
Various UI improvements
Definitions 2018.07.12.1
New Features
Ability to save the current window size and restore it on the next launch
AdwCleaner will now use a settings file in the same folder than AdwCleaner.exe so that it can be shared accross network shares or USB keys,
Add a debug log output when activated from the settings
Please tell us how would you recommend AdwCleaner to others with the new window asking for your opinion
AdwCleaner is now aware when MBES client is present
Keep checked state of quarantine elements between switched tabs
Improve DownloadProtect detections
Support translations for on/off in Settings
Generic detections fixes and updates
Memory leaks
Various UI issues
Database to 2018.06.19.1
New Features
Ability to download & install Malwarebytes 3 with one click
List existing logfiles at the end of reports
Add Help icons in Settings that link to explanations
Slightly update UI to follow Malwarebytes 3.5 look
Improve Firefox scan & clean modules
Improve Chrome scan & clean modules
Update translations
Update internal components
Definitions 2018.06.1.2
Ability to open logfiles with double-click
Various UI improvements
Crash while scanning Firefox preferences
Fix false positives
Improve MyWebSearch and other Generics detections[
New Features

Exclusions now support processes
New setting to fully disable the telemetry
Support keyboard navigation with tabs


Add a "See logfile" button on scan results screen
Scan shortcuts, files and folders in more locations
Improve tasks detection
Definitions 2018.04.24.1


Various UI issues
Update translations
Fix false positives
Improve generics for drivers
New Features
Brand new user interface, with high-DPI support, accessibility improvement
Add a dedicated Help section with various resources to get assistance and contribute.
Support for synchronized addons in Chrome, and include massive improvements in browsers scan and clean efficiency.
Display a scan summary at reboot.
Exclusions Support for elements and families to be excluded from the detections.
Major improvements in scan and remediation speed.
Reduce binary size.
Improve the reliability of the update process
Improve translations coverage.
Settings format is more effective and less error prone.
Improved report design for better usability
Redesign AdwCleaner - Free Adware Cleaner & Removal Tool
Update definitions to 2018.04.11.1
Component updates
Quarantine process and restoration work again.
Fix numerous generic detection issues and design flaws.
Fix various crashs and miscellaneous issues.
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