Edify script для CWM,TWRP..

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    Edify script language - XDA-Developers
    • The script file must use UNIX newlines as EOL.
    • Whitespace (space, tab, LF 0x0a, but not CR 0x0d) may be freely used.
    • Comments are any line prefaced with #
    • All commands are terminated with a semicolon. Clauses (in ifelse) may contain any number of commands, each terminated with a semicolon.
    • Strings are usually delimited with double quotation marks.
    • The characters \n, \t, \", and \\ are understood, as are hexadecimal escapes like \x4a
    • Numbers are really just strings and are usually not delimited.
    • Logical values are "t" for true or "" for false.
    • The comparison operators are == (string equal), != (string not equal).
    • The logical operators are || (logical or), && (logical and), ! (logical not).
    • The concatenation operator is +. (Caution: 2+2==22)
    • The conditional keywords if, then, else and endif operate as expected if they are unquoted. The ifelse macro may be used instead.
    Disk operations
    • format(fs_type, partition_type, device, fs_size, mountpoint) - usually use "0" for fs_size (entire partition)
    • mount(fs_type, partition_type, device, mountpoint)
    • unmount(mountpoint)
    • is_mounted(mountpoint)
    • wipe_cache()
    Image operations
    • write_raw_image(filename, device)
    • write_firmware_image
    File operations
    • package_extract_file(source, destination) - returns "t" on success and "" on failure (e.g. if the file does not exist in the archive)
    • package_extract_dir(source, destination)
    • delete(file) – deletes a file
    • delete_recursive(directory) – completely deletes a directory
    • symlink(target, link0, ...) – create any number of links to a target
    • set_perm(user, group, mode, file) – performs a chown, chmod on a file
    • set_perm_recursive(user, group, mode, directory) – performs a chown, chmod on all contents of a directory
    • getprop(key) – returns a string value of the associated key from the system properties
    • file_getprop(file, key) – returns a string value of the associated key from a specific file
    • sha1_check(file) - return sha1 hash of file
    • sha1_check(file, sha1_hex, [sha1_hex2, ...]) - return the hash which matches or "" if none matches
    Patching operations
    • apply_patch(srcfile, tgtfile, tgtsha1, tgtsize, sha1_1, patch_1, ...)
    • apply_patch_check(file, [sha1_1, ...])
    • apply_patch_space(bytes)
    • run_program(program, arg0, ...) - returns the exit code of the program
    • assert(condition0, ...) – aborts and prints on any false condition
    • abort(message)
    • ifelse(condition, trueclause, falseclause) – conditional, falseclause is optional
    • is_substring(substring, string) – checks to see if string constains substring anywhere
    • less_than_int(x, y) – checks to see if x<y when considered as integers
    • greater_than_int(x, y) – checks to see if x>y when considered as integers
    User feedback
    • show_progress(fraction, seconds) – advance progress bar a fractional amount over a period of seconds
    • set_progress(fraction) – advance progress bar a fractional amount
    • ui_print(message0, ...) – print any number of strings
    • sleep(seconds) – pause a number of seconds
    Немного теории о том, как происходит установка Zip-архива из Recovery.
    Recovery извлекает из архива с обновлением файл META-INF/com/google/android/update-binary в /tmp, делает ему chmod 777 и запускает передавая три параметра:
    1. API level. Это число от 1 до 3.
    2. Дескриптор Pipe для обратной связи с Recovery.
    3. Полное имя Zip-обновления.

    Для облегчения создания пакетов для установки можно использовать замечательное приложение ZIPME
    ZIPme – Android Apps on Google Play
    ZIPme 1.0 для Android
    Это приложение автоматически создаёт пакет выбранных файлов, папок и данных с установкой нужных прав.

    ui_print("текст выводимого сообщения");

    show_progress(1.000000, 0); # параметры прогресс бара
    ui_print("Mounting filesystems...");
    run_program("/sbin/busybox", "mount", "/system"); # запуск программы монтирования через busybox

    ui_print("Extracting files...");
    package_extract_dir("system", "/system"); # извлечение/копирование

    ui_print("Setting permissions...");
    set_progress(0.400000); # установка положения прогресс бара
    set_perm(0, 0, 0644, "/system/etc/hosts"); # установка прав на файл

    # Unmounting filesystems...
    run_program("/sbin/busybox", "umount", "/system"); # запуск программы отмонтирования через busybox
    # тут можно комментировать
    Screenshot_2016-12-07-09-06-56.png Screenshot_2016-12-07-09-07-05.png Screenshot_2016-12-07-09-07-19.png

    Android update-script - 4PDA
    Следует так же отметить, что бинарный файл может работать либо с определённым типом рекавери, либо быть универсальным.
    Для поддержки SELinux используется синтаксис TWRP set_metadata, а не set_perm (для установки прав), соответственно бинарник для CWM его не распознает.
    set_metadata_recursive("/system", "uid", 0, "gid", 0, "dmode", 0755, "fmode", 0644, "capabilities", 0x0, "selabel", "u:object_r:system_file:s0");
    set_metadata_recursive("/system/bin", "uid", 0, "gid", 2000, "dmode", 0755, "fmode", 0755, "capabilities", 0x0, "selabel", "u:object_r:system_file:s0");
    В качествае бинарника может быть шелл скрипт, а udater-script используется как dummy file
    # this is a dummy file, the magic is in update-binary, which is a shell script
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