Malwarebytes AdwCleaner

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 8.0.7

New Features
Support /path command line option to customize the working directory.
Support /noreboot command line option to prevent closing of applications and rebooting after cleaning .
Hide the console earlier in the startup routine when launching the GUI.
Update Russian translations
Update definitions to 2020.07.21.1
Fix GUI behavior after reboot post cleaning.
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New features
Command line interface to scan and clean without the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Read more details in the release announcement on the Malwarebytes forums.

Stability/issues fixed
Fixed reintroduction of Dynamic-link library (DLL) loading vulnerability reintroduced in 8.0.5.
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Update Qt to 5.14.1
Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1g
Update UPX to 3.96
Update definitions to 2020.05.13.1
Update definitions to 2020.04.03.1

Fix reintroduction of DLL loading vulnerability reintroduced in 8.0.3. CVE assignation pending.
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New Features
The logfiles now contains webextensions ID in addition to their name.
Improve the error handler to (hopefully) catch more isolated crashes as they occur.
Update definitions to 2020.03.02.1
Improved unit tests.
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New Features
Ability to scan Host files for Malicious Entries.
Enhanced URL scanning for Chrome and Firefox extensions.
Integrated new marketing campaign to provide new AdwCleaner users with a 3 month Premium Malwarebytes 4 key.
Update definitions to 2020.01.24.1
Fixed issue in windows restoration point getting listed correctly.
Major translation update.
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v8.0.1 [18/12/2019]
New Features
Re-Implement Firefox module. It now properly support detecting and removing extensions, startpage, sear chengines, preferences...

Hide debug output
Update telemetry internals.
Update definitions to 2019.12.17.1

Fix a DLL Hijacking vulnerability in AdwCleaner 7.0+, reported by Günter Born.
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v8 [26/11/2019]
Following the release of MB4, the in-app installer now installs Malwarebytes 4.
Always download the very latest Malwarebytes build
Update Qt to 5.13 branch
Upgrade the build toolchain to Visual Studio 2017
Update OpenSSL
No longer force the generation of the debug logfile
Support again the very latest versions of the Chrome Browser and allow for proper remediation
Temporarily disable Firefox scanning and remediation - will be added back in the upcoming release
Update translations
Update definitions to 2019.11.20.1
Completely drop support for Windows XP and Vista. Refer to https://
Crash when the UI is displayed in Arabic
Make the uninstallation process more robust and less likely to leave traces behind
Make the quarantine process more stable and less susceptible to corruption

Update log level for certain debugging messages
Update definitions to 2019.10.21.1


Fix broken updater
Fix Pokki detection
Make the cleaning process more reliable
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New Features
Display a dedicated count for Preinstalled Software and PUPs during the scan progress
Display Preinstalled Software details in the scan results and logfile
Add a new setting to automatically reboot the computer
Force enable the debug logfile generation temporarily
Update definitions to 2019.08.27.1
Update translations.
Improve quarantine reliability
Allow MB3 in-app installation on Windows Vista
Freeze during cleaning no longer occurs
Improve MB3 in-app installer
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