Process Monitor (procmon).

Process Monitor (procmon). v3.70

Process Monitor v3.70 This update to Process Monitor allows constraining the number of events based on a requested number minutes and/or size of the events data, so that older events are dropped if necessary. It also fixes a bug where the Drop Filtered Events option wasn’t always respected and contains other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Process Monitor v3.61 This update to Process Monitor adds monitoring for RegSaveKey, RegLoadKey and RegRestoreKey APIs, as well as fixes a bug in the details output for some types of directory queries.

Process Monitor v3.60 This update to Process Monitor, a utility that logs process file, network and registry activity, adds support for multiple filter item selection, as well as decoding for new file system control operations and error status codes.
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Что нового:
  • Resolves a crash when reloading a saved file
  • Fixes issues where profiling events and/or process activity summary stopped working after the GUI is closed and reopened
  • Adds file information class for IRP_MN_QUERY_DIRECTORY
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